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Eliza Diamonde

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Eliza Diamonde is an Askellon Sector Rogue Trader, who was exploring far spinward of the world Thaur when her ship, The Boundless Endeavour, was ambushed by Eldar raiders.[1]

The Xenos' attack, left Diamonde's ship crippled and only the unexpected arrival of a nameless Inquisitor saved the Rogue Trader and her crew. In payment for their rescue, Diamonde now supplies the mysterious Inquisitor with fast passage to wherever he requires and any information she gathers in her voyages. The Inquisitor also required the pick of the Rogue Trader's crew as he demands and, though must who are chosen do not return, the crew sees this as a great honor. Diamonde, however, has begun to wonder if the Inquisitor had a hand in arranging the Eldar's ambush and the lifetime of debt she now owes him.[1]

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