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Elysius is a Chaplain attached to the 3rd Company of the Salamanders Space Marine Chapter, and a veteran of over one hundred years of service.[2c]

As one of the Chapter's more feared Chaplains, Elysius embodies the Promethean value of isolationism, being seen as cold and insular to the point where a story concerning him mentions that his primary heart must be made of rock. However, his performance in battle was considered inspiring, as was his carrying of Vulkan's Sigil, an icon that had once been borne by the esteemed Chaplain Xavier.[1a] Elysius was noted for having worn his helmet, or at very least obscured his face, at all times, going so far as to procure the services of a blind brander priest to shroud his identity.[2a] The cause of this gesture, whilst unknown to his brothers, is not a simple affectation. During his time as a scout, Elysius served alongside Brother Argos (Now the Salamanders primary Master of the Forge) in a mission to track and tag a Genestealer, allowing other Salamanders to find the brood nest and destroy it. However, whilst pursuing their target, they were ambushed by their prey. The genestealer killed one scout and knocked Elysius to the ground. As the Genestealer prepared to spray acid at the prone Elysius, Brother Argos rushed into the line of fire, saving Elysius's life, at the cost of his own hideously marred visage.[2b] As a result of this encounter, Elysius hid away his own face, which was later revealed to be symmetrical and considered handsome, in guilt for the loss of Argos's own face. However, following capture by Dark Eldar, and the loss of his helm whilst on the run in the Volgorrah Reef, Elysius overcame his personal guilt and once again shows his face openly.[2a]

As well as skills in combat and oratory, Elysius also possessed a notable interest in interrogation techniques, although he never deigned to dirty his own gauntlets, instead opting to use specially modified servitors.[1b]

Elysius was present on the mission to Scoria, where he lost a hand in combat with an Ork Warboss.[1c]

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