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Eminence Sanguis (Short Story)

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Eminence Sanguis
Author Guy Haley
Publisher Black Library
Released 21st March 2017
Pages 16
Collected in Dante (Limited Edition)

Eminence Sanguis is a short story by Guy Haley which features the Blood Angels and the Angels Vermillion. It was published exclusively in the Limited Edition release of Dante.[1]


At the behest of the Imperial Navy, High Chaplain Hereon of the Blood Angels visits Corinal, the Homeworld of the isolationist Angels Vermillion. After a frosty reception, Hereon meets with Chapter Master Chauld, inquiring as to why the Angels Vermillion have taken possession of numerous ships of refugees. Chauld reluctantly reveals the refugees are to be used for the Sorrowing ritual, a practice the Angels Vermillion use to fend off the Red Thirst. Appalled, Hereon denounces this practice, however Chauld states that if his Chapter are to be declared renegades, he will inform the Inquisition about the flaws in the Gene-Seed of the Sons of Sanguinius. Escorted out of the Bloodspike, Hereon returns to his ship in orbit and then makes for Baal, to inform Commander Dante of these events. [2]


The Blood Angels ship Eminence Sanguis arrives at the planet Corinal[2a] at the request of the Imperial Navy; their purpose, to determine why the Angels Vermillion have withheld the release of a convoy of Dovarnion refugee ships from their Homeworld. Refused planetary access and subsequently targeted,[2b] only the ship's master, High Chaplain Hereon, can persuade ground control to allow him, and him alone, to make planetfall.[2c] Met in the Bloodspike by the standoffish Captain Moar, after arguing with him and then a sustained wait,[2d] Hereon finally meets an agitated Chapter Master Chauld. Chauld informs the High Chaplain that the Chapter is in the middle of the Sorrowing ritual and will return the ships in a week, minus their occupants. When Hereon demands to see these refugees, he is led to a cavernous space reminiscent of a abattoir, with rails of bodies being bled dry. As Chauld explains the ritual and necessity of the Sorrowing for the continuance of the Chapter, a disgusted Hereon attempts to attack the Chapter Master.[2e]

After killing two Sanguinary Guard, Hereon is surrounded by two squads of Angels Vermillion Astartes and informed by Chauld that whilst his Chapter remain loyal to the Imperium, they will combat the Red Thirst in their own way, only doing so once every 50 years. Stating that Dante will not tolerate such a practice, Hereon implies the Blood Angels will put an end to the Angels Vermillion if the Sorrowing continues. Chauld replies by threatening to reveal the secret of the Flaw to the Inquisition, thereby damning all Chapters of the Blood. Chastised, Hereon is escorted from the Fortress-monastery and returns to the Eminence Sanguis, its crew, and his Adjutant Astorath; they set course for Baal, so that Hereon may inform Dante of what has transpired.[2f]


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