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Emp-Rah's Eye (Short Story)

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Emp-Rah's Eye
Author Guy Haley
Publisher Black Library
Series Necromunda (Short Story Series)

Cover Description

Of all the denizens of the underhive, the ratskin tribes are among the most insular and bound by tradition. Among the Five Hands tribe there exists a storysinger, a soul who has been blessed by the far-off Emp-Rah, the all powerful lord of all, and who keeps the stories of the tribe alive. Two Tails, the current storysinger, is dying. But before his time to enter the Dark Cave comes, he must find a successor. Five braves have gathered to embark on a quest, and one will survive and succeed Two Tails. But first they must hear a tale of a long ago storysinger, a tale that has a very personal resonance for Two Tails.