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Games Day Anthology 2011/2012

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Games Day Anthology 2011/2012
Author (Warhammer 40,000 fiction) Andy Chambers, Nick Kyme, Graham McNeill

(Warhammer fiction) Gav Thorpe, C.L. Werner, Chris Wraight

Editor Nick Kyme
Publisher Black Library
Followed by Games Day Anthology 2012/2013
Released July 2012
Editions 2012 hardcover
ISBN 5011921028719

Black Library's Games Day Anthology 2011/2012 was released in July 2012, for exclusive release at Games Day.[1]

Warhammer 40,000 Fiction

Death of a Silversmith

by Graham McNeill

A Remembrancer remembers... As he lies dying on the deck of the Warmaster's flagship, a silversmith reflects on his life, his art and his time in the Emperor's service.

The Treasures of Biel-Tanigh

by Andy Chambers

A pair of Dark Eldar twins infiltrate an ancient and heavily guarded fortress in search of a treasure for their master, a dangerous artefact that could spell their doom.

The Curse of Shaa-Dom

by Gav Thorpe

Returning a Chaos-tainted artefact to the halls of Shaa-Dom, White Seer Elemenath and his crew of outcasts face temptation and treachery.

Emperor's Deliverance

by Nick Kyme

On Armageddon, Sister Athena tends to the wounded and traumatised. But as the Orks advance, the arrival of Space Marines of the Marines Malevolent show Athena that not all of the planet’s defenders are as honourable as she once thought.

Warhammer Fiction

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