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Emperor of Mankind (63-19)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the ruler of Sixty-Three Nineteen. For other uses of Emperor, see Emperor (disambiguation).

The Emperor of Mankind was the title and personage of the ruler of the world codified in Imperial Record as Sixty-Three Nineteen.[1a]

This world, calling itself Terra, was the centre of an Imperium of Mankind. The Emperor of Mankind, upon being contacted by incoming human space travellers, claimed that he had been shepherding the remnants of humanity, preparing them for a golden age of rebuilding, and was overjoyed at finding other pockets of humanity. He claimed to be happy to meet diplomatically with these incoming human visitors to the Terran system and treat with them, as soon as they showed him the correct fealty and swore to him, as was his birthright as the Emperor of Mankind.[1a]

The leader of the space travellers - Horus Lupercal - sent his favoured son, Hastur Sejanus, to meet with the Emperor. Unfortunately, at some point in the negotiations, Captain Sejanus let slip that he and the rest of the incomers already served an Emperor. The Emperor of Mankind did not respond well to the implication that he was not the destined leader of humanity, and had Sejanus and his guard struck down on the spot by his Invisible killers.[1a]

Compounding this course of action by attacking the second envoy sent to him - Maloghurst - the Emperor of Mankind doomed himself; the Luna Wolves were unleashed. At the culmination of the resultant Battle of Sixty-Three Nineteen, the supposed Emperor was confronted by Captains Garviel Loken and Kalus Ekaddon. Appearing as a robed, elderly man, the Emperor sadly agreed to surrender his forces, but only to the enemy commander; Horus himself. Agreeing to this request, Horus teleported to the Emperor's throne room, only for the Emperor of Mankind to make a final aggressive move. The elderly man revealed to be a puppet, the real Emperor triggered a powerful kinetic force weapon in an attempt to slay Horus and all the Luna Wolves present. Surviving the attack, Horus ended the Emperor's life with but a single storm bolter shot.[1b]

Afterwards, the Emperor of Mankind was buried in a state funeral organised by Horus.[1c]