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Empyric Engineers

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The Empyric Engineers are a heretek faction within the Adeptus Mechanicus that operate within the Calixis Sector. They practice the use of Dark Tech and imbue their technology with Warp energy which is considered an act of blasphemy in the eyes of the Omnissiah. The ward sigil of the Engineers is reviled by the loyal Mechanicus which include the Cult of Sollex who often direct Auxilia Myrmidon hunter-cohorts to slay those that bear its symbol. Beyond dabbling in Dark Tech, these renegades are also known to practice techniques that make use of Anima Mori which is seen as further proof of their heretical nature.

These Tech-Priests make use of different types of device-patterns with the means to turn the Warp against itself; thus accomplishing the feat of destroying Daemons which transgress into their sanctums. Within their stronghold exist vast warp machines that are used to draw upon the power of the Warp and contain it for further study. This is later used to infuse the warp into their machinery; an act that is often seen as insanity, though these outcast Tech-Priests rarely suffer from such madness. Empyric Engineers recognise the need to protect themselves from the corrosive and corrupting powers of the Warp and thus turn to heretical archeotech lore in order to create the necessary Machine Spirits that can safely channel such energies. Some of their creations are even given to their allies, which can damn those who are caught with them.

Among their creations include Empyric Conduit Blades, Immateria Wards and Speculum Umbrae.[1]