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Empyrion's Blight

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Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Empyrion's Blight -
Origin: Death Guard
Leader: Gideous Krall
Chaos dedication: Nurgle
Colours: Unknown
Strength: Unknown

The Empyrion's Blight are a Death Guard warband led by Gideous Krall a former Death Guard captain[1a]. Known as the The Infector of Worlds, he led his warband from the Eye of Terror to wreak havoc and spread the foul rot of Nurgle throughout the Imperium. They have invaded and plunged the Sargassion Reach into conflict, and have also spread a disease, a chaos plague, called the Sickening. Planet after planet had fallen to the contagion, and the Imperium, as well as the Brazen Minotaurs and Raven Guard Space Marine Chapters have failed to stop them. The spreading of the Sickening had become the Empyrion's Blight's, sole purpose as they make their way though the Sargassion Reach[1b]; to invade the Kandoor System, a sector of Imperial space teeming with heavily-populated colony worlds.[1c]

One noticeable physical trait the Empryion's Blight share is their mouths had been replaced by mechanical vents, often corroded by the poisonous fumes emitting from their bodies.[1d]

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