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Time of Ending

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The Time of Ending refers to the last centuries of the 41st Millennium.[1b] It began c.750.M41, following the Imperium's first encounter with the extragalactic Tyranid threat.[2]

Ultimately, the Time of Ending was followed by the Age of the Dark Imperium.[13]


The term was first coined in 744.M41, by Taggarath, the Seer of Corrinto, who predicted a time of upheaval in which both the Imperium and the Light of the Emperor would be swallowed by an approaching darkness. He was eventually executed for heresy.[1b]

The Tyranids, as well as other threats such as the Necrons which rose in the subsequent years, made it apparent that the galaxy was turning into an even more dangerous place, challenging the millennia-old belief of the Imperium's perpetuity.[2]

The Time of Ending is also a time in which young, upstart alien races are able to establish their own fledging realms in the galaxy. The Draxian Hegemony, the Tau Empire, the Worldweave of Noisome Reek, the Uluméathic League and numerous others have prospered, ready to stand their ground against the besieged Imperium of Man.[1a]

Notable Events

The formation of the Great Rift marks the beginning of the Age of the Dark Imperium.[13]