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Endeavour of Airless Purity

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The Endeavour of Airless Purity was a fanatical Tech-Cult that rose to conquer most of the Forge World Kalibrax, before it was discovered by the Imperium during the Great Crusade.[1]

The Tech-Cult had by that time nearly ended the civil war that had engulfed Kalibrax for a millennia. Had the Endeavour of Airless Purity been successful, its Cultists would have then carried out its agenda of sterilizing the galaxy, by purging it of all biological life. The Forge World's discovery by the Imperium changed all this, however, and after learning of the Endeavour of Airless Purity's goals, the Imperium began aiding those on Kalibrax who opposed the Tech-Cult. Due to its efforts, in a matter of months, the Cultists of the Endeavour of Airless Purity were destroyed and Kalibrax joined the Imperium.[1]