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Endless Murder

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Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
Endless Murder Berzerker.jpg
- Endless Murder -
Origin: World Eaters[1a]
Chaos dedication: Khorne[1a]
Colours: Red armour with golden trim
Strength: Presumably destroyed[1b]
Endless Murder symbol.jpg

The Endless Murder were a World Eaters warband.[1a]

They had the ability to appear out of nowhere to strike their enemies, reducing them to bloody carrion and heaped skulls before vanishing like mist to parts unknown. They were later part of the Butcherhorde that was led by Khârn, and took part in the Black Legion's Diamor Campaign.[1a] However, like all of the Butcherhorde, they were abandoned on Amethal after the Black Legion had completed their objective, and are believed to have been destroyed by the Imperium's forces defending the world.[1b]

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