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Endryd Haar

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Endryd Haar

Endryd Haar, known as the Riven Hound, was a member of the World Eaters during the Great Crusade and led a warband of Blackshields, known as the "Fangs of the Emperor", during the Horus Heresy.[1a][1b] A brutal commander, he killed any who questioned his orders and was determined to kill the Warmaster or die trying.[2]


Haar was part of the first initiate company of the XII Legion, long before they were known as the War Hounds or their Primarch Angron was discovered.[1b] Haar was unusually large for a Space Marine and was never implanted with the Butcher's Nails. He originated in the Imperial "Geneworks" on Terra, suggesting that he had already been altered before becoming a Space Marine.[2] Haar himself called the Dait'Tar, Thunder Warrior rebels whom he fought alongside the other World Eaters in the Cerberus Insurrection, his "brothers".[5] This suggests that Haar had once been a Thunder Warrior or some kind of hybrid, explaining his extreme strength and speed.[2] His connection to the Thunder Warriors is further reinforced by his Raptor Imperialis tattoo[4] and his comments that he had "dreams of thunder"[2] and had fought alongside the Emperor in the Unification Wars.[4]

When the War Hounds were united with Angron at Nuceria, elements of the legion -including Haar- were split off on the order of Malcador the Sigillite and sent on special missions.[2] As a result, Haar was on a forgotten Crusade at the eruption of the Horus Heresy.[1a] Like other members of those legions who had turned traitor during the Battle of Isstvan III, he was imprisoned by the loyalists and sent to Khangba Marwu on Terra. However, he managed to escape, killing the loyalist forces that hunted him despite his own loyalty to the Emperor.[2] Once he realized that his Legion had betrayed the Emperor, Haar was driven to near-madness[1a] and became obsessed with killing Horus himself, willing to kill both loyalists and traitors in pursuit of his goal.[2] He renounced his legion and became a Blackshield.[1a]

To achieve his goal of murdering Horus, Haar organized a Blackshield warband called the "Fangs of the Emperor" which absorbed former members of Death Guard, Iron Warriors, and Raven Guard, many of them dragged from the battlefield.[1a][1b] He led his force, including the Techmarine Erud Vahn, in numerous attacks against the traitor forces. Eventually, they captured the Sons of Horus vessel Cicatrice Tyrannis and masqueraded as its commander, Raxhal Koraddon in the Xana Incursion, which was to be their last desperate attempt to acquire weaponry for an attempt on the Warmaster's life. After killing Archmagos Gilim Raijan, the Davinite priest Unvacar Noon revealed he was, in fact, a Callidus Assassin. The assassin asked Haar to help complete his original mission of recovering weapons from a secret facility under the prison-forge of Xana-Tisiphone for the defence of Terra. Haar saw a chance to truly hurt the Warmaster and agreed, killing several members of his warband who rejected his new mission.[2] The remainder captured the traitor Ordinatus Ulator and used them to ransack Xana-Tisiphone, withdrawing to the Cicatrice Tyrannis only after the Ordinatus Ulator Nepothax was destroyed in a counter attack of advanced and unfamiliar patterns of Battle-Automata emerging from the Sheaol penitentiary beneath the weapons facility.[1a]

Throughout the rest of the Heresy, Haar commanded irregular loyalist forces, accepting any mission that allowed him to fight the traitors, no matter the chances of survival. Forces under Haar's command were sighted at the battles of Beta-Garmon and Terra.[1b] During the Siege of Terra, he was part of the kill-teams to protect the Saturnine Gate from the Sons of Horus subterranean assault that included the likes of Garviel Loken, Nathaniel Garro, and Helig Gallor.[3a] In the battle underneath Saturnine, Haar and Bel Sepatus both came to battle First Captain Ezekyle Abaddon. It took seven kill-strikes by Abaddon to take down the monstrously strong World Eater. In death his mass would have prevented Abaddon from escaping Garro's kill-strike had his teleportation beacon not activated in time.[3b]


Endryd Haar miniature[6]