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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Death Guard Battleship; for the other uses, see Endurance (disambiguation).
The Endurance[2]

The Endurance was a Gloriana Class Battleship[6] that served as the flagship of Mortarion during the Great Crusade and subsequent Horus Heresy.[Note 1] It is still in service with the Death Guard today.[6]


The Endurance could detach a war-barge from its main body known as the Greenheart. This vessel could be used for a variety of roles, from close-range bombardment with an array of Volkite Weapons and Displacer Guns to directly entering the atmosphere of a world and landing upon its surface as a massive landing craft. The Greenheart was also capable of attaching itself to other Death Guard Battleships such as the Terminus Est.[7a]


The Endurance led Death Guard operations at the Battle of Isstvan III and the Drop Site Massacre.[1][2] It later engaged the White Scars above Prospero[4] and Catallus.[5] During the Heresy, the vessel was commanded by Ulfar.[5] The Endurance was not used as Mortarion's flagship during the journey to take part in the Siege of Terra, with Mortarion instead choosing Calas Typhon's Terminus Est at the First Captain's own request. The Endurance was placed under the command of Gremus Kalgaro, and was subsequently corrupted by the powers of Nurgle along with the rest of the Death Guard fleet.[7]

The Endurance would survive the Heresy and in the subsequent millennia, it became heavily corrupted by the power of Nurgle and even became home to a piece of the Chaos God's Garden. After the 13th Black Crusade, the Battleship once again became Mortarion's flagship, when the Daemon Primarch invaded the Realm of Ultramar.[6]


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