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Endurance Light Cruiser

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Class of the Light Cruisers; for the other uses, see Endurance (disambiguation).
Endurance Class Light Cruiser

The Endurance Class Light Cruiser is a ship design used by the Imperial Navy and Basilikon Astra.[2]


The Endurance class is a variant of the Endeavour Class Light Cruiser. The Endeavour's weapon batteries have been replaced with a lance deck. The two classes are often paired together, for mutual protection, and fire-power. When this is done, the two ships bring the fire-power equivalent of a true cruiser to bear. However, far more Endeavor class ships are produced, so in practice, often three or four Endeavours are grouped with a single Endurance, providing a fearsome pocket of resistance for any enemy Admiral. The Endurance is often seen operating with the Defiant Class Light Cruiser as well as the Endeavour class.[1]

As well as its short range Lances, the Endurance also has a short range weapons battery and two torpedo tubes with which to protect itself. All these systems are short ranged, making the ship vulnerable to a larger, longer ranged ship, with weapons that can out range it as the larger ship can attempt to stay out of range, whilst plastering the hapless Endurance with fire from a standoff range.[1]

Notable Endurance Class Vessels


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