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Enforcer (Security Force)

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Enforcers are an Imperial Planetary Governor's heavily armed security forces, that are charged with maintaining law and order on their Homeworld.[1]

They will rarely act in the pursuit of justice though and are far more often an extension of their Governor's will. In order to keep the Imperium's grip on a world secure, Enforcers will discipline, capture and execute those who go against the Governor's proclamations, using a heavy hand to crush any rebellions or seditious elements they learn of. They are distinct and separate from the forces of the Adeptus Arbites, however, who are concerned with any violations of the Lex Imperialis. Enforcers, meanwhile, only have as much authority as they are granted by their Planetary Governor.[1]

The Adeptus Mechanicus have their own version of Enforcers, known as the Astynomia.[2]

Known Enforcer Security Forces