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Engines of War (Novella)

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Engines of War
Cover art
Author Steve Lyons
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Battles
Preceded by Plague Harvest
Followed by Armour of Faith
Released May 2014
Collected in The Plagues of Orath
Editions 2014 ebook
ISBN 9781782515876

Engines of War is a novella by Steve Lyons, published online in May 2014.

Cover Description

The Ultramarines descend upon the plague-wracked world of Orath. Captain Galenus of the Fifth Company leads a force to wrest control of Fort Kerberos from the enemy. But with the dread forces of Chaos arrayed against them, it will take more than firepower for the Space Marines to defeat their rot-infested foes and save Orath from a grisly doom. As death comes from the ground and the air, Galenus and his warriors must be prepared to sacrifice all to achieve victory.

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