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Enslaver plague

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A sketch of an Enslaver

The Enslaver plague was an event in the ancient past.[1]

Millions of years ago, the so-called "Enslaver plague" was unleashed on the galaxy. It was the Enslaver plague which was responsible for the downfall of the Old Ones, a highly advanced and intelligent species.[1]

The Old Ones' galactic civilization collapsed as their strongholds were invaded by the Enslavers, and their psychic guardians and servitor races were psychically enthralled or destroyed. It was the plague that put an end to the War in Heaven between the Old Ones and the C'tan.[1]

Having killed off most of the galaxy's sentient life, the C'tan were greatly weakened due to the loss of the life they needed for sustenance. It was at this point that the Necrons rebelled against their masters, reclaiming their freedom and imprisoning the C'tan within Tesseract Labyrinths. As the galaxy had become a wasteland, the Necrons went into hibernation until the Enslavers died off and new life emerged in the galaxy.[1]