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Eothrus is a Primaris Lieutenant in the Ultramarines Chapter's 2nd Company who aided in defending the Realm of Ultramar during the Plague Wars. Sometime after Nurgle's forces were defeated, the Chapter's Chief Librarian Varro Tigurius was struck by a vision, which warned that the Imperium Hive World Vigilus was in danger. Chapter Master Calgar had long ago learned to trust Tigurius' visions and he personally led a strike force, composed of the Ultramarines and several of their Successor Chapters, to aid the endangered world. Eothrus was a part of the strike force and once they arrived near Vigilus, they discovered that it had already been invaded by numerous Xenos races. Now sure that this was the threat Tigurius had warned of, Calgar gave the order for the strike force to deploy to the world's surface and then made contact with the other Imperial forces already defending Vigilus. Afterwards disbanded Vigilus' inept leadership council and formed a new once composed of himself, other Imperial commanders and those of the world's leadership who had proven their worth.[1a]

Calgar led this new council from Vigilus' primary Hive and charged Eothrus with defending it, while the council strategized on how to save the invaded world. Calgar had seen a touch of their Primarch Guilliman in Eothrus, when they fought beside each other during the Plague Wars, and knew the Lieutenant's natural leadership skills and tactical mind, would not fail[1a]. This was put to the test soon afterwards, when the Eldar Craftworld Saim-Hann invaded Vigilus. The Spiritseer Qelanaris led a detachment of the Craftworld's forces to directly attack the council, but Eothrus and his Ultramarines barred their path. At first the Lieutenant attempted to reason with the Eldar, after having learned from the Space Wolf Haldor Icepelt that Saim-Hann's forces had aided the Imperium during the Invasion of the Stygius Sector, but the Spiritseer refused. His Craftworld has recently suffered grievous losses at the Imperium's hands, while attempting to help them and they now sought vengeance for the lives that were lost. With that, Qelanaris gave the order to fire upon the Ultramarines and the battle between the two forces began.[1b]