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Epic 40,000 Magazine Issue 1

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Epic 40,000 Magazine Issue 1
Released 2000
Followed by Epic 40,000 Magazine Issue 2

2nd Issue of the Epic 40,000 Magazine, a Fanatic magazine packed with amazing content for the games Epic 40,000 and Adeptus Titanicus II


  • Editorial by Warwick Kinrade - Warwick introduces the magazine and Adeptus Titanicus II
  • Epic Magazine Introduction by Jervis Johnson - Jervis explains Fanatic’s plans for the future of Epic 40k
  • Adeptus Titanicus II by Gav Thorpe - The rules for Adeptus Titanicus II (AT2)
  • Imperial Titans by Gav Thorpe - The AT2 titan sheets for the Warhound, Reaver, and Warlord Titans
  • Firepower - Explanation of Official and Experimental rules
  • Welcome to Fanatic by Jervis Johnson - An explanation of the new Fanatic division of Games Workshop and what they will do for GW’s games
  • Pitched Battle by Tim Barton - A new scenario, in which two armies attack head on
  • Emperor Class Titans - AT2 rules and titan sheets for the Imperator and Warmonger Titans.
  • Fanatic (picture gallery) - Pictures of the miniatures coming from Fanatic including the Warmonger Titan
  • Mailbag - Letters from readers. Includes Points for the units in the Medic! article, a response to the previous Aspect Warrior article, a question about allocating hits, and other comments about the Epic game and magazine
  • Hot from the Forges (picture gallery) - Pictures of Warmonger and Imperator Titans from GW’s Mail Order
  • Epic Catalog - A list of all available Epic miniatures along with their prices and part numbers
  • Adeptus Titanicus II Mission Objective Cards - Mission Objective cards for use in AT2