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Epic 40,000 Magazine Issue 7

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Epic 40,000 Magazine Issue 7
Released 2001
Preceded by Epic 40,000 Magazine Issue 6
Followed by Epic 40,000 Magazine Issue 8

Epic 40,000 Magazine was a Fanatics magazine, packed with amazing content for the game Epic 40,000.


  • Painting My Chaos Warlord Titan (picture gallery) by Agis Neugebauer - How Agis painted his Chaos Warlord Titan
  • Editorial by Warwick Kinrade - Warwick mentions the upcoming Epic 40,000 Armageddon and changes to AT2
  • Epic 40,000 Evolution by Jervis Johnson - Jervis lays out his thoughts and rule ideas for the new edition of Epic, Epic 40,000 Armageddon
  • Official Warmonger Titans by Ed Bunton - Warmonger Titan rules for Epic 40k
  • WPS Tournament Report by Keith Krelle - Keith relates his experiences playing Epic in the Warhammer Players Society tournament
  • Firepower - A listing of which articles are Official and Experimental
  • Mailbag - Letters from readers. Readers share their Epic desires and GW answers rule questions
  • Official AT2 Adeptus Titanicus Rules Update by Warwick Kinrade - Includes a number of rule updates to the AT2 rules to make them play better. Race specific weapons are included as well as point costs for all of the AT2 titans/vehicles. The article also includes a Q & A section
  • Epic Catalog - A list of all available Epic miniatures along with their part numbers
  • Painting My Chaos Warlord Titan - continued by Agis Neugebauer - How Agis painted his Chaos Warlord Titan.