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Epic 40,000 Magazine Issue 8

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Epic 40,000 Magazine Issue 8
Released 2002
Preceded by Epic 40,000 Magazine Issue 7
Followed by Epic 40,000 Magazine Issue 9

Epic 40,000 Magazine was a Fanatics magazine, packed with amazing content for the game Epic 40,000.


  • The Defense of Istenbrak City (picture gallery) - Pictures and brief descriptions of this Ork attack on an Imperial world
  • Editorial by Warwick Kinrade - Warwick discusses the contents of this issue
  • Epic 40,000 Evolution II by Jervis Johnson - Jervis continues to discuss the rules for the upcoming Epic 40,000 Armageddon game. Many of the rules in the first article have been updated or replaced after further playtesting.
  • Epic Armageddon Playtest Report by Jervis Johnson - Space Marine and Imperial Guard forces duke it out in this battle using the new Epic 40,000 Armageddon rules.
  • Mailbag - Letters from readers. Readers share their Epic miniature desires. Concern about the new method of allocating hits is also discussed
  • Firepower - A listing of which articles are Official and Experimental
  • Ork-o-nowa by Keith Wilson and Friends - Pictures and brief text from a massive Ork amphibious assault game involving over 50 scratch built Ork ships
  • Forgeworld (picture gallery) - Pictures of Forgeworld’s fortifications, Leman Russ variants, Lightning fighters, super heavy tanks, Reavers, Warhounds, and roads
  • Official AT2 Adeptus Titanicus Rules Update by Warwick Kinrade - Another large batch of updates for the AT2 rules. Plasma Reactor Ratings that govern how much you can do are added, as well as a new turn sequence,

and updated modifiers when shooting

  • Epic Catalog - A list of all available Epic miniatures along with their part numbers
  • Pictures (picture gallery) - Two pictures. The first is a digitally enhanced photo of a Warhound and

Warlord striding across a desert wasteland. The second is a picture from the playtest report in this issue