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Epimetheus was one of the original founding members of the Grey Knights. He stood before the Emperor alongside the other seven recruits Malcador the Sigillite had selected in the hours before the Siege of Terra and was given command of one of the original brotherhoods.


Epimetheus was originally of the Dark Angels Legion.[1b] How he came to the Grey Knights is unclear. Upon his assuming the mantle of Epimetheus, the Marine stated that he never had a real name. However, he is like to have been the Dark Angel known as the Nemean.[2]

Upon founding the Grey Knights, Epimetheus' original geneseed organs from the Dark Angels was removed and replaced with geneseed organs made using the DNA of the Emperor himself, like all Grey Knights that came after him. [1b] Epimetheus would eventually volunteer to stay behind on the planet Pythos to watch over the Damnation Cache. There he spent ten thousand years in suspended animation.[1a]

Pandorax Campaign

In 961.M41, Abaddon the Despoiler came to unlock the Damnation Cache, Epimetheus awoke once more to defend the cache. However the cache would be opened despite his efforts. Instead, he battled a Lord of Change defeating the daemon by envoking it's true name.[1a]

At the conclusion of the campaign, Epimetheus was taken prisoner by Abaddon and brought aboard the Vengeful Spirit. There, Epimetheus was mutilated (his black carapace ripped from his body, his neck proginoid removed to be given to Fabius Bile, his tongue cut out, his eyes and mouth sew shut with stitches made of daemonic sinew, and a blank surgically grafted to his back to nullify his psychic abilities).[1c]


Epimetheus was a Greek Titan and brother of Prometheus.

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