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Erasmus Cartavolnus

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Inquisitor Erasmus Cartavolnus.[1]

Erasmus Cartavolnus is a zealous Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Psyker.[2]


Over 300 years old, Cartavolnus has devoted his long life to the study of all that is unholy. A Puritan, he condemns the use of Daemonhosts and Chaos artifacts even in order to fight it. Despite this, he himself maintains a library of arcane lore and specializes in rituals binding the daemonic. Cartavolnus believes himself pure from the heresies and corruption that has befallen his Radical counterparts, maintaining strict discipline that the use of his dark lore only be used for holy purposes. During the battle on Agrofar against a mutated Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle known as Grolgafax, Cartavolnus lost an arm slaying the foul creature. It took years for the Inquisitor to fully free his limb from lingering rot and chaos taint. Like many Inquisitors, Cratavolnus maintains ties with others of his order. He is a Reclamator-Emeritus of the Dzijeni Conclave, which operates in the Nachmund Sector as well as a Magister of the Khandar Brotherhood and a representative of the Vorkhan Defenders. Some of his titles are more esoteric, with the Mercantile Leagues of Deverres honoring him as the Three-Eyed.[2]

After the formation of the Great Rift, Cartavolnus saw combating its expansion and corruption as his holy duty. To that end he has deployed to the Vigilus warzone in an effort to topple Blackstone constructs magnifying the Warp known as Noctilith Crowns. At Nemendghast, the Inquisitor infiltrated the surface and uncovered the Noctilith Crown erected by a Black Legion Master of Possession. Realizing these foes were beyond his means to destroy, he contacted the Ultramarines and requested aid.[2]

Cartavolnus maintains the Black Iconoclasts as his personal fighting force. These are elite hand-picked specialists recruited from a variety of backgrounds including the Imperial Guard and Mechanicum.[2]

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