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Erellian Subjugation

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The Erellian Subjugation was a battle that occurred in 008.M31 during the Horus Heresy, when a battlegroup of the Iron Hands and Salamanders Legions attacked the Traitor-held world Erellia.[1]


Elements of the Emperor's Children and Iron Warriors were rearming on Erellia when the Loyalists attacked. The Loyalists descended from orbit on the planet using Xiphon Interceptors and Fire Raptor gunships, meanwhile, the Traitor Divisio Aeronautica squadrons of Voss pattern Lightning Strike fighters hastily took off to meet them but they were quickly overwhelmed by the superior pilots of the Legiones Astartes. Afterwards, entire battalions of Traitor Legionaries and aircraft undergoing resupply were annihilated by the Loyalist aircraft in bombing and strafing runs before Thunderhawk and Stormbird assault landers deployed ground troops and support vehicles. The Traitor Legions were caught by surprise and their forces were eradicated on the world's mustering grounds by the battlegroup. In the aftermath of their deaths, however, the Iron Hands began a brutal subjugation of Erellia's population. The Legion saw Erellia's people as willing supporters of Warmaster Horus' cause but, as the massacre began, the Salamanders attempted to stop them. The last Astropathic message, hurled in desperation, from Erellia spoke of the Salamanders' intervention causing violence to erupt between them and the Iron Hands.[1][2]

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