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Esau Turnet

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Senior Princeps Esau Turnet was the commander of the Dies Irae, an Imperator Titan of the Legio Mortis, during the Horus Heresy. He was known to have high expectations of the crew of his Titan.

By the time of Isstvan III, Turnet had already sworn allegiance to Warmaster Horus, and was privy to what the Warmaster had planned for the loyalists on Istvaan. Just before the virus strike, Turnet ordered the Dies Irae sealed up and the weapons taken offline. After the strike and the subsequent firestorm, Turnet ordered the guns reactivated, to open fire on the Death Guard loyalists. One of the moderati, Titus Cassar, confronted Turnet with his treachery and began a brief autopistol duel with the Princeps, which ended when Cassar was killed by the other moderati, Jonah Aruken.