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Eternal Damnation (Comic Anthology)

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cover of Eternal Damnation by Karl Richardson.

Eternal Damnation is an anthology of 12 comics, edited by Marc Gascoigne, Christian Dunn and Andy Jones. It was published in 2003. ISBN 1-84416-029-7

Note: all the following stories appear inside of Flames of Damnation (Comic Anthology) + many more.

It contains the following short-stories:

  • Testament; a Genestealer cult is overrunning a planetary headquartes of the Adeptus Arbites. Script: Gordon Rennie, Art: Colin McNeill, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Solitude; an explorator team of the Adeptus Mechanicus explores an ancient tomb in search of technology and knowledge. Script: Gordon Rennie, Art: Paul Jeacock, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Such Horrors; a half-mad survivor returns with knowledge of the horrors invading the galaxy. Script: Andy Jones, Art: Wayne England, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Succubus; Drisella of the cult of Terror, a Wych gladiator, searches for her Dark Eldar kin. Script: David Stoddart, Art: Paul Holden, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Rite Bait; a team of Gretchin hunt for large and hungry Squigs. All they really need is the rite bait... Script: Andy Jones, Art: Wayne England, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Space Hulk graveyard; Leoten Semper, captain of the Imperial cruiser Macharius, finds a graveyard of ancient vessels, a perfect site for an ambush... Script: Gordon Rennie, Art: Colin McNeill, Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Zero Option; a besieged garrison of the Imperial Guard guards an outpost against the Orks, and at the same time fights against the bitter cold. Script: Dan Abnett, Art/Letters: David Pugh
  • The Samos sanction; the president of Samos wants to crown himself king of Free Samos. The Officio Assassinorum might have something to say about this... Script: Bill Kaplan, Art: Jeff Rebner, Letters: David Pugh
  • Predator & Prey; a scout of the Tyranid fleet lands upon the primitive planet of Calidan. A hunting party of young braves is gathered to find and to kill it. Script: Gordon Rennie, Art: David Pugh
  • Betta da Warboss ya know!; ambitious Marrax tries to usurp the role of Warboss Chatack, who has lost his leg. The cunning Gretchins don't agree with this at all. Script: Jim Alexander, Art: Wayne England, Letters: David Pugh
  • The Ionis gambit; Governor Anesh wants to lead the planet Ionis into open secession from the Imperium. He is clever, cautious, and has foreseen every move by part of the High Lords of Terra. Truly every move? Story: Christian Dunn, Pencils: Patrick Goddard, Ink: Dylan Teague Letters: Fiona Stephenson
  • Blood Rites, the hated Imperium invades the world of Hakka. The Chaos-worshipping inhabitants unleash their mysterious infantary units, whose warriors tranfuse and mix their blood. Script: Jim Alexander, Art: P. J. Holden, Letters: Fiona Stephenson