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Eternity Gate (Necron)

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Necron infantry move from the Eternity Gate of a Monolith[4]

Eternity Gates, also known as Dark Portals[2] or Portals of Exile[3], are a form of advanced Necron teleportation technology.[1]

An Eternity Gate is a captured wormhole able to appear upon the battlefield. The other half of the wormhole links to Tomb Worlds and warships of the wielders Necron Dynasty. This allows for Necron forces to rapidly deploy appear on the battlefield near-instantaneously. Via these space-folding corridors a Necron Overlord can drown a world in waves of his own warriors. Eternity Gates are most often mounted on Necron Monoliths, which rapidly land upon the surface of a planet and allow for hordes of Necron warriors to arrive.[1] Similar technology has also been observed on Night Scythe aircraft.[5]