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Evangeline is a Sister Superior of the Order of Our Martyred Lady, who survived the Daemon invasion of Ophelia VII, but was left bearing the mark of the Emperor upon her face.[1a]


She was born on Ophelia VII to parents who were sixth generation quintus-graded scribes, who recorded the histories of the Sororitas' orders. However when Evangeline was 10 years old, a blight struck her family's spire and it was quarantined, after no cure could be found. This was done in the hope the disease would burn itself out, but while it did so, Evangeline's parents were among the many who died before the blight ended. Afterwards, she was taken to an orphanage, to be trained to become a scribe like her parents. It was while there, however, Evangeline began dreaming of standing before a gate bearing the image of Saint Katherine. When she awoke, she remembered that the image was similar to the one on the doors of the Order of Our Martyred Lady's Convent Sanctorum on Ophelia VII. Evangeline took it as a sign the Saint wanted her to join the Martyred Lady and she left the orphanage and traveled alone to the Sanctorum. Before Evangeline could enter it, though, her path was blocked by the Sisters Adelynn and Mortina. Mortina would tell Evangeline to leave, as the Order could not concern itself with strays, but the child would refuse.[1b]

Evangeline declared she had come to serve the Martyred Lady and sat nearby for several days, until she was left weakened state. Though she wanted to leave, her dream and the stories Evangeline's Mother told her of Saint Katherine, never turning away from a challenge, made her stay. It was on the 5th day, however, that Adelynn stood before her and told Evangeline to stand. The child did so and Adelynn promised to make Evangeline her ward, until the orphan was strong enough to stand beside her as a Sister. Adelynn would keep her promise and helped train and shape Evangeline into a Sister of the Martyred Lady and the bond between became incredibly strong. When her training was later complete, Evangeline joined Adelynn's squadron and fought beside the now Sister Superior, across numerous war zones. It was during this time, that Evangeline's great humility struck Adelynn and she decided that when she died, the Sister Superior wanted her mentee to replace her. Though Evangeline was the youngest of Adelynn's squadron, the others came to terms with her decision, though, they kept it a secret from Evangeline.[1b]

Sometime later, Adelynn and her squadron were stationed on Ophelia VII when it was invaded by the forces of Chaos, following the Great Rift's creation. The squadron would defend a section of the Order's Convent Sanctorum, but they suffered heavy losses in doing so. Soon only Evangeline, Adelynn, and three others remained, when they were attacked by a Lord of Change. The Greater Daemon struck each Sister down until Adelynn and Evangeline were left. The Lord of Change then attacked Adelynn and killed the Sister Superior, before Evangeline could aid her. The grief stricken but defiant, Sister then picked up the remains of Adelynn's broken power sword and confronted the Lord of Change. However the Greater Daemon simply bathed Evangeline in warp-fire and she knew nothing more.[1c]

Evangeline somehow miraculously survived, but was left unconscious and now bore a scar in the shape of an Imperial Eagle. During that time, Adelynn appeared to her in a dream and led a bewildered Evangeline to the Shield of Saint Katherine and repeatedly asked her if she was ready. However, Evangeline did not understand and awoke shortly afterwards aboard the Unbroken Vow, which was under the command of Canoness Commander Elivia. She would then learn that Ophelia VII was saved by Lord Commander Guilliman and the Indomitus Crusade. Evangeline was also told of the Imperial Eagle that now scarred her face and that everyone believed it meant that she had been blessed by the Emperor. She then met with Ashava, who was the only member of her squadron to survive the invasion and who had recovered enough to fight once more. Their reunion was brief, however, as Canoness Commander Elivia appeared and asked to speak alone with Evangeline.[1a]

The Canoness then promoted Evangeline to the rank of Sister Superior and told her of Terra's Convent Prioris' news that the Shield of Saint Katherine was lost within the Dark Imperium. Elivia then told her of their prophecy of the burned warrior, who was spared by the Emperor, but now marked with an Imperial Eagle. It would be this warrior who would find the lost Shield and return it to the Imperium. Though Evangeline denied she was the burned warrior, Elivia remained convinced it was her and told the Sister Superior they would begin looking for the Shield. Then the Unbroken Vow left Ophelia VII for Terra, where they would be blessed by Cardinals for their endeavor[1a]. Though she still doubted her part in the prophecy, Evangeline now knew what Adelynn had been asking of her during her dream. She would then begin preparing her new squadron and Ashava would act as Evangeline second-in-command. It was while the Unbroken Vow was still traveling to Terra, that Evangeline looked upon a fresco mural of the Emperor and founding members of the Adepta Sororitas's original orders. Behind them was Terra, which was connected by a golden arrow to the distant Dimmamar. Seeing this, Evangeline became convinced that the Shield was on Dimmamar and informed Canoness Elivia of her discovery. As her journey now began in earnest, Evangeline would continuously draw strength and inspiration from Adelynn's memory, as she searched for Saint Katherine's Shield.[1b]