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Evangelyne Karlzan

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Evangelyne Karlzan is a Radical Psyker Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus, who is of the Xanthite faith and is active in the Askellon Sector.[1]

She was born the Shrine World Ossuar and served in the Adeptus Ministorum, until Karlzan's Psychic abilities were discovered. This led her to be taken by the Black Ships, but Karlzan managed to escape after another psyker's power caused them to explode. Sometime later, she became an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus, but while Karlzan is still faithful, she is now a Xanthite Radical.[1]

Karlzan's retinue is currently looking into an outbreak of deaths on Desoleum, caused by the usage of the illegal drug Spook. While they did manage to track down a Spook dealer, they discovered that he had already suffered an explosive death, due to an overdose of the drug. The Spook deaths have now begun to worry Karlzan, as they are similar to the death that freed her from captivity on a Black Ship. Though her retinue continues to search for more dealers, they have been noticed by the dead dealer's associates, as well as an under cover member of the Sanctionary Enforcers. Neither group, however, is aware of the retinue's true identities or their connection to Karlzan.[1]

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