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The Everdamned are Acolytes of the Inquisitor Miranda Blithia, who found and freed each of them from Daemonic possession.[1]

The Inquisitor then forcibly recruited them into her retinue, though, the Everdmaned serve their mistress and savior faithfully. Some view their service to Blithia as an act of repentance and seek out the Emperor's forgiveness for their weaknesses. Other members seek out vengeance against denizens of the Warp and are hopeful that they will encounter their own Daemon in order to inflict as much pain on it, as they themselves suffered. The existence of the Everdamned is only whispered about among the Askellon Sector's Ordo Malleus, though, some Radical Inquisitors have searched for members of the group. In doing so, the Inquisitors hope they can gain the Everdamned's personal insight into the Ruinous Powers.[1]