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An Eviscerator is a form of obscenely oversized chainsword, that is so abnormally large that it can only ever be wielded in combat effectively with both hands. It can deal horrible wounds to living beings and even break walls or damage vehicles' armour[1].


Because of its relative simplicity in comparison to scores of other weapons found in the 41st millennium, the Eviscerator has become popular amongst certain low-tech forces as a weapon for the primary use of inducing terror in the enemy[2]. Though they made famous of late by the frenzied cultists of the Red Redemption, eviscerators have in fact been found in armouries across the galaxy for millennia.[7] Much occasionally Eviscerators are fitted with a small flame-thrower called an Exterminator to aid in combat and add yet more to their mortifying reputation, as there is little one can do to avoid such a thing[2].

The Eviscerator is most commonly found in the Imperium, amongst whose population it has come to symbolise religious wrath. For this reason the Eviscerator is often the weapon of choice with Priests of the Ecclesiarchy who have been inducted into either the Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, or by members of one of the Redemption Cults.[1][3]

It should be noted however, that Mercenary Kroot Kindreds may sometimes receive Eviscerators and other weaponry as payment for their services, or loot them off dead Imperial foes when under contract to other races (or indeed, sometimes even other Imperials). Thus Shapers outside of Tau space are often better equipped than those within it, and use Eviscerators to great effect as anti-tank weapons[4].

Notable Eviscerators


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