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Excoriator (Chaos Champion)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Champion of Tzeentch. For other uses of Excoriator, see Excoriator (disambiguation).

The Excoriator was a Champion of Tzeentch that led a warband of Chaos Space Marines based on a Space Hulk known as the Captor of Sin in an attack on the Stygies System.[1a][1b]

The Fire Claws Chapter sent a strike force to cleanse the Captor of Sin. Led by Epistolary Decario and aided by the Radical Ordo Malleus Inquisitor de Marche, the Space Marines initially made good progress against the Chaos forces within the hulk. This all changed, however, when the Marines fought their way to the enginarium, where they encountered the Excoriator. The Librarian and the Chaos Champion dueled with each other amidst the fray, with the Excoriator using a sword that had been forged within the Eye of Terror. The two traded blows and, although Decario managed to sever the Excoriator's arm with his power fist, the Excoriator shattered Decario's force sword and penetrated his armour. The Excoriator then proceeded to kill four of the Fire Claws that came to their commander's aid before Decario managed to grab the first weapon he could reach - the champion's own sword - and decapitated the Excoriator with it, killing him.[1a]