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An excruciator is a collapsible torture device carried by all Inquisitors to extort information from the unwilling.[1a]

It consists of a bundle of seemingly frail rods that telescope out into a spidery yet supremely strong device fitted with hoops. These are attached to the prisoner's extremities to hold them in place and facilitate their interrogation.[1b]

The recommended Inquisition procedure is to induce extreme pain first of all, alongside one (or more) doses of the truth serum known as veritas.[1b]

Inquisitor Jaq Draco was known to carry one such instrument, but he disliked using it and was glad to lose it after his duel with Zephro Carnelian on a daemon world of the Eye of Terror interrupted his questioning of Queem Malagnia, a mutant worshipper of Slaanesh.[1a][1c]

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