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A Excruciatus squad

The Excruciatus are a special order within the Sisters of Silence. Acting as the de facto secret police of the Silent Sisterhood, these are their hunters and investigators. The Excruciatus are charged to root out, hunt down, and deal with not only hidden Psykers, but also those that harbor and aid them. The most basic rank of Excruciatus is known as Questora.[1]

These specialists are selected from the ranks of the greater Sisterhood from individuals with highly attuned perception, quick wits, and unfailing purpose. Their work is not simply investigative, they are trained and equipped to carry out raids and tactical assaults against the most nightmareish of foes.

The most elite and feared of the Excruciatus are the Silent Judges. These individuals can identify the presence of a nearby Psyker, sift truth from lies, and when needed, force any under suspicion to spill their darkest secrets.

Known Exrcuciatus Members