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Executor Grand Cruiser

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Executor Grand Cruiser[1]

The Executor Grand Cruiser is a Chaos starship.


The Executor is a lance boat, carrying large broadside lance batteries alongside smaller but longer-ranged ones. During its service with the Imperial Navy, it was much beloved for this firepower which served as a perfect foil for more gun-oriented warships.[1]

Despite this popularity, few Executors were made, and their numbers gradually dwindled over the years as, one by one, they were lost in battle. One of the last remaining squadrons disappeared shortly after a fleet action against Chaos raiders near the Cadian Gate, only to reappear five centuries later in the service of the renegade Arca Vilespawn. These are believed to be the only remaining Executors in existence, as no more remain in Imperial service.[1]

Notable Executor Grand Cruisers