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The Exilarchy is a vast Chaos Warhost, which is comprised mainly of Humans and Mutants, but is also supported by a small number of Traitor Legion Warbands.[1]

The true rulers of the Exilarchy though, is the Chaos Warband known as the Pure, who use the Exilarchy as foot soldiers to further their cause. In the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation, the Pure and the Exilarchy were expelled by the Warp into Elara's Veil. The worlds located there are under the domain of the Imperium, but the Pure seek to colonize them and create their own Chaos ruled realm. This has brought them into conflict with the Emperor's Spears and Celestial Lions Chapters, who are charged with protecting the worlds of Elara's Veil. Mainly due to the Exilarchy's sheer numbers however, roughly half of the Veil is now under the Pure's control.[1]