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Exitus rifle

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Exitus Rifle[1]

The Exitus Rifle is an advanced Imperial Sniper Rifle and the signature weapon of the Vindicare Assassin.[1]


An example of the finest of Imperial weaponsmithing, it is handcrafted by Magos Artisans of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Each Exitus Rifle and corresponding Exitus Pistol is customized to the specifications of the individual assassin and is capable of firing over tremendous distances thanks to an advanced telescopic sight. Utilizing specialized ammunition constructed from heavy-gravity alloys, the Exitus Rifle is capable of penetrating nearly all forms of known armor and can even pierce armored vehicles.[1]

The Exitus Rifle is capable of firing a variety of ammunition depending on the target. These include:[2]

  • Shield-Breaker Rounds - Overload the personal Force Fields of the target.[2]
  • Turbo-Penetrator Rounds - Use a two-stage charge to punch a secondary round through the thickest armor.[2] The impact power of the round is so high that it is capable of piercing through not only ceramite, but also adamantium. At least one case was registered when the single shot of this round pierced through armour of three Chaos Space Marines at once.[3]
  • Hellfire Rounds - Contain virulent bio-acidic toxins that can reduce targets to ash.[2]