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Exodite World

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Exodite Worlds are those that were settled by Eldar, commonly known as Exodites, fleeing the increasing depravity of the majority of the Eldar race just prior to the Fall of the Eldar. They are wild planets, often untamed and dangerous.[1a] Craftworld Biel-Tan are known to be defenders of Exodite worlds, as they see the Exodites as the first stage in regaining the Eldar empire. Exodite worlds would be their staging grounds, and they guard each world jealously, slaughtering any who seek to take the worlds for themselves.[1b]

Flora and Fauna

Often, Exodite worlds are home to vast herds of megadons, or dragons to the Eldar. It is likely that early settlers spread these animals, much like humanity spread the Grox throughout their realm.[1a]


Exodites live nomadic lives, following the megadon herds across huge grassy plains. They have eschewed the use of much of their former technology, but still remain able to use anything that could be used on a Craftworld. They simply choose to live as they do, rather than having 'degenerated', as many Imperial citizens believe.[1a]

Known Exodite Worlds