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Exorcist Grand Cruiser

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the ship class. For other uses of Exorcist, see Exorcist (disambiguation).
Exorcist Class Grand Cruiser

The Exorcist Class Grand Cruiser is a long range patrol vessel of the Imperial Navy.


The Exorcist is able to match the firepower of larger vessels and can launch attack craft from its flight bays. These advantages mean that on patrol, the fleet can dispatch an Exorcist and its escort squadrons as opposed to a larger force of several standard cruisers and additional escorts. The Exorcist is mainly deployed to remote areas such as the Eastern Fringe or the Galactic Halo, due to their ability to act independently of a support fleet for long periods of time.[1]

As the years have passed the Exorcist class has been viewed as obsolete, and many Admirals have switched to the Mars Class instead. The Exorcist is still, however, the best long range patrol ship available. This class has also proved popular in a dual role as a colonization transport and/or escort. As a transport its flight bays are fitted to carry new colonists and their equipment. Colony convoys are grateful for the company of an Exorcist cruiser due to its ability to outgun most pirate vessels, even when acting in its impromptu transport role. When used as a convoy escort, its flight bays launch attack craft to scout out the route ahead or protect the vulnerable transport ships from harm.[1]

Notable Exorcist Class Vessels

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 7.3 km long, 1.1 km abeam at fins approx.[2]
  • Mass: 37 megatonnes approx.[2]
  • Crew: 112,000 crew; approx.[2]
  • Accel: 1.99 gravities max sustainable acceleration.[2]


Exorcist Grand Cruiser[4]


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