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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Tech-Priest type; for the armored vehicle, see Macrocarid Explorator.

The Explorators are a class of Techpriests of the Adeptus Mechanicus that focus on the exploration of space in order to gather knowledge, often in Explorator Fleets.


These members of the Cult Mechanicus were something of a breed apart from their kin. Any Techpriest was free to join their ranks, where they undertook to complete the Quest for Knowledge across the stars in order to seek out undiscovered data, chart uncatalogued phenomena, find forgotten archeotech and learn of new unknown forms of life. As such, research stations, explorer vessels and any outpost of any distance from a Forge World are likely to be manned by Explorators of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Their brethren would call them foolish for their actions, though they consider themselves as intrepid adventurers that explore the unknown reaches of the galaxy. An Explorator will not be visibly different from a fellow Techpriest though they will be a senior official within a warband.

The exploits of successful Explorators are known to have found many great prizes that have enhanced the Quest for Knowledge, though many others have met grisly deaths in the hostile galaxy. In rare cases, the actions of an Explorator have unleashed cataclysmic horrors on Mankind due to their ill-conceived prying.

Explorators of the Adeptus Administratum are known to discover hundreds of new worlds every year along with new life forms and even new civilisations.[1]

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