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Extermination of the Adryantis Cluster

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The Extermination of the Adryantis Cluster occurred during the Great Crusade, when due to their greed and ambition the Human worlds within the Cluster, yet again refused the Imperium's offer to join their Empire. This proved to be the last time, however, as the Imperium had grown tired of these constant refusals and sent the Primarch Sanguinius and his Blood Angels Legion to render judgement on the Adryantis Cluster.[1]

As his Legion's warships entered the Cluster, Sanguinius told the people of Adryantis that their pride had doomed them and they would not be allowed to stop the unification of Mankind under the Emperor's rule. The Primarch then stated that though he knew there were innocent people within the Cluster, they would not be spared from the Blood Angels' campaign to exterminate the Adryantis Cluster's population. Sanguinius did promise, however, that his Legion would weep for them, before he then gave the order for the Blood Angels to attack the Cluster's worlds.[1]

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