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Extra armour

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Extra Armour is used by the Imperial Guard[2], Space Marines[1], Daemonhunters, Witch Hunters and Chaos Space Marine forces. Sometimes it is elaborately detailed armour and sometimes simple sheets of ceramite.[Needs Citation] They do however, prevent the vehicle from being shaken around so much on weaker impacts.[1][2]

Ablative Armour

A crude and somewhat rudimentary method of enhancing a vehicle’s armoured protection, ablative armour often takes the forms of large sections of plasteel welded or in some cases hooked onto exposed areas of a vehicle’s sides. These types of modifications add to a vehicle’s staying power, but often slow it down due to the excess weight. Ablative armour cannot be repaired and must be replaced.[4]

Superior Plating

Some vehicles are lucky enough to incorporate rare materials or internal reinforcement within their armour plating, giving them much greater damage resistance than standard armour and certainly more than hastily applied ablative patches. Superior plating often takes longer to repair as regular armour plating.[4]

Predator with Extra Armour (Reinforced)[3]


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