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Eye of Vulkan

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The Eye of Vulkan (or Vulkan's Eye) was the first of the nine Artefacts of Vulkan to be found, along with the Chalice of Fire.[2a] It is a large laser weapon which currently orbits and protects Prometheus.[1]


The Eye of Vulkan was originally mounted on the hull of the forgeship Chalice of Fire. It was chosen by the first Forgemaster, T'kell, to be one of the seven artefacts spared destruction after the outbreak of the Horus Heresy.[2b]

When the Chalice of Fire was discovered by Forgefather Vulkan Dir'san in M41, the Eye of Vulkan was still attached, although the other artefacts were missing from the breached vault.[2a] Since its recovery, the Eye was installed as an orbital defence laser operated by the Master of the Forge Secundus Kor'hadron. It was not operable during the Defense of Nocturne as Kor'hadron was injured, resulting in Prometheus being damaged by an asteroid.[1]