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Eyes of the Emperor

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The Eyes of the Emperor are a sect of the Adeptus Custodes.

Custodian of the Eyes of the Emperor[1a]


The Eyes of the Emperor have chosen to end their service with the Adeptus Custodes after their advanced age or physical wounds prevent them from serving at the same ability as their brethren. Some have lost limbs, artificial eyes, or augmetic organs lessening there abilities. Afterwards they surrender all their equipment to the Hall of Armaments and vanish into the void of the galaxy, clad in hooded black robes. However this is not the end of their service to the Custodes, as wherever they travel the Eyes of the Emperor constantly watch for threats that could harm Terra and the Emperor. They do this by either working alone, or by cultivating networks of informants and agents, using fear and intimidation to secure compliance where loyalty and honour will not suffice. Regardless of their methods though, once a threat has been identified the Eyes of the Emperor will use secret channels to communicate a warning to the Custodes' Captain-General. These warnings result in the Adeptus Custodes launching punitive and often pre-emptive strikes throughout the Imperium, with the Eyes of the Emperor sometimes aiding them in battle[1a]. Though it is a noble role that aids in the safety of the Emperor, it is not unheard of for recent Eyes of the Emperor, still on Terra, to ask to be interred within a Venerable Contemptor Dreadnought, should the opportunity present itself to them.[1b]

Notable Members