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Eyros Slagmyst

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Eyros Slagmyst

Eyros Slagmyst was once a humble Necromunda dome-rigger, whose job was to repair the rusting pipe networks that fed the dismal settlement Cogtown, located in Hive Primus' Underhive. One day, however, Cogtown[1] was ravaged by the deadly Eye-Blight disease and Eyros joined a group of brave souls who traveled deep into the Underhive in order to find a cure. Their search ended in disaster when Eyros put on strange archaeo-rig they discovered in a sump well near the bottom level of the Hive. To his horror, the suit permanently fused itself to Eyros' body and began replacing it with mechanical parts. Worse still, he was struck with a voracious thirst and unfortunately for Eyros' group, the suit had also given him the power to draw water from anything...[2]

Once his former companions were left nothing but lifeless husks, Eyros began to search for more victims and now leaves only dust and scrap in his wake. In order to legally deal with his neverending curse, Eyros began to work as a Bounty Hunter — but those who hire him must ensure he will have enough victims to drain of their fluid, lest Eyros turn on them to quench his thirst[2]. More horrifying is the fact that Eyros' archaeo-rig is still changing his body and no one knows what it will turn him into before it is done.[1]