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Eyva Phalomor

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Eyva Phalomor is a Rogue Trader, who trades with Xenos and claims the average Imperial would lose their mind if they knew how many different species there were. Some like the Thesstrian Flesh-takers, the Hopeweavers and the Threadlairs of the Riftborn, make even her shudder though.[1]

She is active in the Red Scar region, which served as a haven for Phalomor due to it being overseen by the Blood Angels. On the few occasions they interacted, the Chapter never showed any interest in her work and much of what they did show was disdain. Phalomor supposed that the Blood Angels viewed Rogue Traders as too underhanded or suspect, and considered them to be at best a necessary evil. In return, while she could not help to admire the Chapter, Phalomor did not particularly like them either. The Rogue Trader considered them to be little more than guaranteed protection, when she ventured into the Red Scar. However this changed, when she learned that Hive Fleet Leviathan was about to invaded the Blood Angels' Homeworld Baal. Phalomor is not known for her sentimentality, but the idea of the Tyranid Hive Fleet consuming the Blood Angels, sickened her. This led her to dispatch several of her ships to aid the Chapter, despite preferring to always fleet from a battle. Phalomor knew, however, that if Baal fell to the Tyranids, more worlds would surely follow. She was grateful that the Blood Angels were later victorious and knows there will now be much opportunity for new business reclaiming the Imperium Nihilus. The Rogue Trader also expects the Blood Angels' Chapter Master and Imperium Nihilus' Regent, Commander Dante, to give her the best rights in exchange for Phalomor's contribution to the war effort against the Tyranids.[2]

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