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Ezekiel Sedayne

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Ezekiel Sedayne was a legendary Human scientist from the time of the Unification Wars and Great Crusade.[1]

Born on Terra in the Age of Strife, at some point Sedayne met the Emperor before he had even taken the title. During their initial meeting, the Emperor greeted Sedayne as Belisarius Cawl and stated that he must continue His work. One day he would think he is betraying the Emperor, but must nonetheless persevere. Sedayne's own memory of the conversation would become vague.[1a] In time, Sedayne would become one of the Emperor's key scientists involved in the Astartes project, rising to Lord Geneticist and Director of the Emperor's Biotechnical Division. One of his greatest achievements was perfecting the Black Carapace originally developed by Amar Astarte.[1b]

By the time of the Horus Heresy, Ezekiel's body was beginning to fail despite extensive Rejuvenat treatments. Seeking to continue the Emperor's work, Sedayne sought to achieve immortality by obtaining the soul-merging and cloning technology of Belisarius Cawl. Ezekiel called Cawl to Terra, where he had his servant Altrix Herminia shoot Cawl's friend Friedisch. Sedayne promised he would heal Friedisch with his rejuvenat treatments, but only if Cawl combined his mind with his.[1b] Sedayne was confident that his mind would prevail. Cawl relented, but the unexpected occurred when Cawl's personality emerged dominant.[1a] Sedayne's personality remains deeply buried inside Cawl's gestalt mind.[1c]