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Catachan Face-Eater

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Picture of a Catachan Face-Eater[1b]

On the Death World of Catachan, a planet known for its hostile lifeforms, the Catachan Face-Eater is considered to be one of the most unpleasant. In its natural environment the creature hangs from low branches, near water sources, or anywhere prey is known to travel. When a prey creature comes in range the Face-Eater will drop, or use its powerful muscles to fling itself in the direction of the creature's head. Once attached it will not only suffocate its prey but also use powerful digestive acids to begin to feed as it slowly kills. The creature is difficult to remove once attached as any damage dealt to it naturally travels to the prey it is attached to.[1a]

Once it has succeeded in killing its prey the creature lays a clutch of eggs which hatch in a matter of hours as larva-like maggots. These maggots then feast upon the remains of its parent's kill. This rapid maturity rate has caused the creature to be quite the threat to nearby star systems where its towel-like appearance and fondness for warm damp conditions, such as those found in a bathroom, have helped it to spread.[1a]


Face-Eaters were imported to Necromunda and released into the heating vents in a poorly conceived attempt to control the colonies of vermin and deviant scum using the unchartered miles of pipe to travel about the Hive with impunity. In the warm and moist vents they flourished and within a few short months had become a bigger threat than the vermin they were sent to eradicate. Extermination campaigns were launched and have at the very least ensured that Face-Eaters are now confined to the Underhive where the prevalence of more toxic conditions keeps their numbers low.[2]

Appearing as simple scraps of cloth to anyone from a distance, Face-Eaters choose to hang down from girders though in reality they can hide almost anywhere. If someone is unfortunate enough to stumble across one of their hiding space, they will have to be very quick on their feet as the Face-Eater throws itself forward with a powerful muscle spasm and attaches itself in seconds, wrapping hundreds of tiny but viciously sharp hooks around the victim's head. Anybody nearby must act quickly to save the unfortunate. as powerful digestive enzymes begin to erode the target's features, and even then, removing it will most likely still result in serious damage.[2]

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