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Industrial World

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Industrial Worlds (also known as Manufactory Worlds[4]) are factory worlds where the whole planet is devoted to manufacturing or mining. The populations are sparse as most of the labor is carried out mechanically. In the case of industrial mining worlds they must be considerably mineral-rich in order to justify the logistical and development efforts.[1][2] Despite the fact, that an Industrial World may have ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus, they don't own these worlds, like they do with Forge Worlds.[3]

Notable Industrial Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Affiliation Population Notes
Armageddon[6] Solar Imperium
Belial Unknown Imperium Unknown
Betalis IV Solar Imperium Unknown
Beta-Garmon II Solar Imperium Unknown
Blastoom Unknown Imperium Unknown
Bork (former) Eastern Fringe Ork Unknown Now — Ork World, also former Frontier World
Brettik V Ultima Imperium Unknown
Cheth Unknown Imperium Unknown
Comania Obscurus Imperium Unknown Also — Jungle World
Dolumar IV (former) Ultima Unknown, former Imperium Unknown Now — Dead World, also former Desert World
Endymion Prime Ultima Imperium 1,100,000,000
(human and abhuman)
Equinox Tempestus Imperium Unknown Formerly a Maiden World
Firestorm Ultima Imperium Unknown Also — Adeptus Astartes Homeworld (Aurora Chapter)
Garm Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Geratomro Tempestus Imperium Unknown
Ioline Obscurus Imperium Unknown Former Industrial World, now — Dead World
Junkatta Ultima Chaos Unknown Now belongs to the Dark Mechanicum
Kaladrone Unknown Imperium Unknown
Kalidar IV Tempestus Imperium Unknown
Kallista Unknown Imperium Unknown Originally discovered by the Rogue Trader Kyle Langer
Karos (former) Unknown Imperium Unknown Now — Ice World, also former Civilized World and Mining World
Kolovan (former) Unknown Imperium None Now — Dead World
Loki Pacificus Imperium Unknown
Loxar IV Tempestus Imperium Unknown Also — Tomb World
Luxor Ultima Imperium Unknown
Nimbosa Ultima Imperium Unknown Site of a battle with the T'au.
Nomanus Unknown Imperium Unknown Site of a battle between the Word Bearers and Ultramarines.
Orax Obscurus Imperium Unknown Also — War World
Paragon[7] Unknown Imperium Moon of the gas giant Paragon VI.
Phalan 10 Unknown Imperium Unknown Was bombarded from orbit by the forces of Chaos. Current status unknown.
Phantine[5] Pacificus Imperium Unknown Occupied by the forces of Chaos during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.[5]
Quintus Ultima Imperium Unknown
Rashad Prime Unknown Imperium Unknown Also War World, Agri World
Seraph Prime Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Shexia Pacificus Imperium Unknown
Sturndrang Unknown Imperium Unknown
Taladorn Unknown Imperium Unknown
Tarnis Unknown Imperium Unknown Also — War World, former Knight World (House Drakkus)
Venus Solar Imperium Unknown
Vostroya Obscurus Imperium ~9.3 billion Famous for its Vostroyan Firstborn regiments of the Imperial Guard
Vrantis III Unknown Imperium Unknown Some of the supplies manufactured in its factories,
are sent to the Imperial Guard garrison on Jared's World.


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