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Fadix was a Grand Master of Assassins and served as one of the High Lords of Terra during the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[1a]

As an assassin, Fadix was known to leave a strip of scarlet silk at the scene of the kill.[1a] Fadix was a typical Grand Master of the Officio, rarely making himself known and equally rarely becoming involved in the politics of the High Lords as either result serves his organization's interests. As a result, he was often seen as a tie-breaker in Senatorum votes. During the attempts by Chancellor of the Imperial Council Lev Tieron to pass an act of dissolution that would no longer bind the Adeptus Custodes to Terra, Fadix's aid was sought. However, during the final vote, he ultimately abstained from making a decision either way.[1b]

Fadix served on into the Indomitus Crusade, conspiring with the ex-Master of the Administratum Irthu Haemotalion's Hexarchy against Guilliman. However at the climax of their coup, Fadix revealed his siding with the High Lords to be a ruse and unleashed a dozen Callidus and Vindicare assassins, slaying the other five conspirators.[2]